Penny Davies, Nancy Chatfield and Nancy Sharp

Our History

The idea of a local community cooperative started in 2006 through an initiative by a professor of environmental studies at the local college.  The co-op has been nurtured and sustained by dedicated volunteers over the last 10 years. We started off as just a desire and many community members contributed hours developing the concept and gaining support from the local community.  Then we opened a small store front in the old Chamber of Commerce building on Paseo de  Onate for a short while offering Loco boxes to our members.  Then in 2012 we opened our doors on 312 Paseo de Onate (Main Street) across from Rivera’s Funeral Home and have been open four times a week for the last several years.

Why should you become a member and shop at the Co-op? 

  • We are locally owned.
  • We support local farmers and businesses.
  • We carry high quality foods with minimal processing and without artificial additives.
  • We offer competitively-priced, natural and organically grown foods.
  • Because we offer bulk foods you can buy just what you need or larger amounts for bigger savings
  • We are a consumer-owned business, not a large multi-national corporation. Co-op shoppers know that their food dollars STAY in our community.
  • Accepts cash, checks, debit/credit cards, and EBT.