Please help make our Co-op a prosperous and sustainable by making a donation to our crowdfunding campaign at GoFundMe.

Below you will find a sample letter you can copy and paste into an email to your family, friends and acquaintances so they can also make a donation to support our co-op.

Espanola Community Market Crowdfunding Campaign

Fresh local pesticide-free produce
Sustainable agriculture
Reduced carbon footprint
Local economic prosperity

These are the cornerstone of the Espanola Community Market (ECM) in northern New Mexico of which I am a (member,) (volunteer,) (board member,). The idea of a local community cooperative started in 2006 through an initiative by a professor of environmental studies at the local college.

The co-op has been nurtured and sustained by dedicated volunteers over the last 7 years. I, like many others, wanted quality food from local farmers that we could purchase locally and not have to drive over 60 miles round trip to Santa Fe. We also wanted to support our local growers and farmers, and not buy food shipped long distances by truck, air and sea. Currently we are enjoying the bounty of over 50 local growers and producers.

Espanola Community Market wants to raise $10,000 by January 12, 2014. Click on this link to GoFundMe ( and invest in our efforts to stock our shelves, hire staff and become a full fledged and viable community business that offers local growers and customers a year-round market for fresh produce.

All donors will receive a reward as a sign of our appreciation:
$10 - ECM Bumper Sticker
$25 - Chimayo red chili
$50 - ECM T-shirt
$100 - ECM Shopping bag
$500 - All of the above
$1000 - All of the above and your name on a plaque at ECM

Please also check out our website for more information about ECM.