What to do with fresh lettuce?

By Japa K Khalsa, DOM, Espanola Advanced Center for Healing

With the beautiful lettuce mix from Santa Cruz Farms in your LOCO box, isn’t it nice to have different ways to fix a salad in the cold weather?   Here are my three favorite ideas for salads in the wintertime; try a salad soup; Saute scallions for one minute in a little ghee or olive oil, add your lettuce mix for two more minutes and then add salt and pepper and a little cottage cheese  at the end. This is a very simple and calming dish.  Or just toss your salad right into your favorite soup, this wilts the leaves, warms them right up and makes them easier to digest.  Finally, the Jackie Kennedy favorite was to put salad right on top of a pizza!  Try it and look on our blog for more fun recipes.


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